Golf Iii

by Brothermechanic in Models

Bledner file - blender scene ismost easy way to work with model consist: 1 layer - model's mesh 2 layer - rig's armature parented on Cube-Car 6 layer - Blender Game Engine based rig system ( press "P" in "Blender Game" mode and record animation of Cube-Car movement - you car folow to it's parent. 10 layer - render tools VW_GOLF_III_pack.blend file with editable model parts and modifiers (easyest way to work with model) ; export/VW_GOLF_III-hipoly.fbx - hipoly model - 354140 polygons; export/VW_GOLF_III-lowpoly.fbx - lowpoly model - 101454 polygons; - pack of used textures.