Dining Candle Collection

by Imagine CG Images in Models

Candle Set Textures

The texture set maps consist of:

  •    BaseColour - 5 colours - white, red, green, purple and gold.
  •    Roughness
  •   Metallic
  •   Normal
  •   Scattering

Main Material

To create the basic wax shader use which ever BaseColour you wish, then plug in the Roughness and Normal maps. For this basic, non-metallic wax shader do not use the provided Metallic map - leave the metallic in your shader at zero.

The wax needs Sub Surface Scattering - so use the Scattering map in the Subsurface of your shader and use your chosen BaseColour for the Subsurface colour.

The black & white Scattering map uses the black areas to define the deepest SSS and the white to define the areas of least SSS. Depending on your software you may need to invert the map.

To create the Metallic version of the shader, use the above basic wax shader - this time also use the Metallic map.

Flame material

The flames are very basic, essentially they were for demonstration purposes - however I have included them in the model set in case anyone wants to use them.

The flame material/shader is slightly odd - Start with a diffuse shader and plug in the BaseColour, then plug in the Emission map into the colour of an emission shader.  

Mix the two shaders setting the mix to about 0.85 - meaning there is more emission strength than diffuse.

Use the Opacity map to define the amount of transparency in the shader.

Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 2.91, 2.92
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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