Cgc Shader Pack Vol 1

by CG Cookie in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Nine Finely-Tuned Procedural Shaders

Each of these 9 custom materials have been hand-crafted for usability, believability, and flexibility. Their complexity has been consolidated into finely-tuned node groups that can be aptly adjusted for a wide variety of situations.

In addition, each shader is comprised entirely of procedural components, no image textures. This maximizes shader versatility for objects that don’t have dedicated UV coordinates.

Shader Variety

This shader pack is made up of multiple surface shaders, giving great flexibility and usability:

  • Hammered Gold: This type of material is usable for a wide range objects like jewelry, armor, treasure, etc. While the name implies a rough, beaten type of metal it can be adjusted to appear polished and shiny as well as silver or copper.
  • Resin: Great for toys, opaque plastics, and realistic presentation of models. Having an understanding of Cycles' subsurface scattering is helpful for best adjustment.
  • Rusty Metal: Applicable for metallic objects that have seen wear and tear over time.
  • Jade: A gem-like translucent material common in oriental jewelry and figurines.
  • Wood Floor: Hard wood floors are essential for indoor architectural rendering. This shader is easily adjustable for all kinds of wood and board sizes.
  • Snow: Adjustable for close up wintry situations as well as large, landscape applications.
  • Brick Wall: Another architectural rendering staple, this shader is versatile and realistic.
  • Brushed Metal: A common metallic surface type in architectural visualization and product rendering.
  • Car Paint: Vehicle rendering is so popular and common, making this realistic and car paint shader very useful.
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Published over 7 years ago
Software Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
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