Bpainter V1.1

by ndee in Scripts and Addons

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  • Konst about 1 month ago

    need update for Blender 2.8 ! please

  • Daniel 3 months ago

    I've been changing up my artstyle to go more in a comic-esque direction and was really frustrated with Blender's lack of layers in texture paint mode. BPainter makes the whole process a lot less annoying.

    The only thing that still really frustrates me is how Blender's brushes handle occlusion. Working on complex meshes or small cylindrical shapes with occlusion enabled causes very sharp edges in the resulting texture when going over the edges of the model. Disabling occlusion isn't really an option though, except combined with masking the parts of the mesh I don't need (which just isn't convenient at all and takes up too much time). I wish there was a plugin with an option to maybe align the brush to the drawn on face's normal or something similar. With this enabled, the brush could just keep drawing in occluded parts of the mesh when needed, in order to create a soft border. Not sure if this is doable though, since as far as I know the drawing all happens in screen space. Something like this would really make BPainter stand out though.

    Other than that, are there any plans to update to Blender 2.8 beta? 2.8 is mostly stable from my experience.

  • Andy 6 months ago

    Its a brilliant add-on, brilliant dev.
    It does not work in 2.8, and seeing as..
    1. How stable the beta of 2.8 is.
    2. How many other "paid for" add-ons are, or have upgraded to 2.8. (Even if their integration is still WIP, they are usable (to some degree) in 2.8.
    3. Because of point 1 ⤴ So many Blender users, both professional, and armature have switched to 2.8.
    A $40 add-on really should, "by now" have some "usability" within 2.8 working towards full integration.
    Again, great add-on, but seeing as how it was published only a year ago, and its paid for.
    It needs 2.8 usablility.
    No hate (at all) just facts.
    As soon as it does, I, (among others I am sure) will upgrade this to a definite 5 star rating.

  • luke 6 months ago

    I am unable to keyframe the paint layer. Everything else is great.

  • Oscar Franco 9 months ago

    Exceeded my expectations.

  • conspirisi 10 months ago

    On the brush settings for stroke/curve can you make a closed loop? I can't seem to join the 2 ends of the curve.

  • jiho 10 months ago


  • Brian Ericson 11 months ago

    I love this addon. I haven't seen any updates for a while? Will there be a 2.8 version soon now that they have completed the API changes?

  • Davide Prestino 12 months ago

    Is fantastic, very useful, I use this add on in all my project made in blender and in my game
    this is an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsFa2Vsfv5I&t=6437s

  • garfield5mm about 1 year ago

    1.1.1 Unable to use, no brush. report bug preset_handling.py line 157 line249
    1.1 can use, but Merge layer does not add a mask

    • Andreas Esau 11 months ago

      Loading brushes is fixed in v1.1.2. Could you please fill a support message for the other problem. There you can describe exactly whats not working and what is expected.

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