Blender Chair Creator

by LKrajewski in Models

  1. Open Chair Creator blend file. Make sure that current frame is set to 10.

  2. Move green sliders left or right to choose elements of chair. (list of elements you can find in table 2.)do1
    Every element is different but all of them are compatible with each other.

  3. Make sure that all green sliders are in the middle of red field.

  4. It's a opportune moment to choose chair materials. There are four basic material sets, you can find them in table 1. Colors are similar so so you can easily mix them optionally.

  5. Select all chair elements one by one. Important! Do not use "A" button or "Select all"! All other chair elements are still in the scene, by clicking "A" or "Select all" you will select all 40 elements.

  6. Click "Shift+D" to copy selected elements and then click "Ctrl+J" to merge them into one object. Click "Alt+P" and select "Clear Parent" to unparent your new chair from controllers.

  7. Your new chair is ready to render. Move it to another layer, rename and use! (Export, Append, Link or whatever you like). In layer 3 you can find simple studio setup so you can render new chair immediately and see how it looks.