Blender Addons | Blender Box 4 In 1 Available For Blender V2.79b, V2.80

by VFX Grace in Scripts and Addons


  • Rename Tool

a. Batch rename models, materials, ParticleSystem and its textures, and weight

b. Batch replace names

c. Batch add and delete prefix and suffix

  • Weight Tool

a. Generate weights based on slope

b.Convert weight to vertex color and vice versa

  • Object Index

Batch check and add object index

  • Batch turn on/off, and remove non-displayed/ non-rendered modifiers; Batch show and hide ParticleSystem
  • Select doubles

2.Rocks Factory

  • Create rocks with the procedural texture
  • Smooth the bottom of rocks
  • Combine the rocks you selected
  • Quickly plant upon the surface of rocks
  • Quickly remesh model

3.Material Preset

  • Freely add customized materials to Materials Preset Library and use the materials easily
  • Freely modify, add and delete the preset
  • Easily add the node presets


If the material you want to add to Materials Preset Library contains external images, before adding materials to the preset, please create a folder with the name of “textures” under the current file of the preset project and manually put images in the folder.

4.Material Manager

  • Find models based on textures
  • Find models based on materials
  • Batch modifying of texture paths
  • Quickly clean different types of images and materials