Arch-Essence: Electrical Fixtures 01

by ArchEssence in Models

Arch-Essence provides affordable asset essentials to make your job simpler. 

Need an Electrical Outlet Fixture for your scene? Maybe you don't have the time to model secondary assets because you need to focus on the actual project at hand - We get you.

It's easy and affordable - here's 11 + 2 Bonus models! These Model Group Names Include:

   • R-1: Double Receptacle

   • ER-1: Double Ethernet Receptacle

   • SR-1: Single Light Toggle Switch

   • SR-2: Double Light Toggle Switch

   • SR-3: Triple Light Toggle Switch

   • SR-4: Single Light Switch

   • SR-5: Double Light Switch

   • SR-6: Triple Light Switch

   • SRC-1: Switch Receptacle Combo 1

   • SRC-2: Switch Receptacle Combo 2

   • Modern-TS-1: Modern Thermostat 1 (BONUS Photoshop Document to edit display!)

   • FR-1: Futuristic Receptacle 

   • Retro-TS-1: Retro Thermostat 1 (BONUS Photoshop Document to edit display!)

How do I use these fixtures in my scene?

   • Simply Append the Group name shown in the Gallery

   • Adjust the Modifier Stack Settings that work for you

   • Enjoy!

Rendered In Cycles.