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Alt Tab aims to enable users a “minput-maxput” workflow. 

Make the least amount of input for the biggest results!

Why use Alt Tab Printer?

Time is a limited resource, so managing it carefully is the most important part of your 3d career! Optimizing your workflow to save as much time as possible is the best way to work, as it saves you not just time - but also money!

Save time and create more!

Bonus Material Pack Included!

Why procedural materials?

Procedural materials offer you infinite versions of each material! They are quicker and more versatile to use and take up less storage space. They offer you looks that image texture materials have a really hard time replicating or are straight up impossible to do.

How to use?

Quick and easy asset browser installation and usage.

What you get?

A total of 128 Procedural materialswith clean node setups!

17 Abstract materials

18 Rock/stone/hard surface materials

10 Car paints

15 Metals

14 Glass/Crystal materials

8 Plastic materials

9 Tile Materials

4 Raymarching materials

5 Wood materials

3 Water materials

6 Terrain shaders

5 Line materials

2 Snow materials

3 Holo materials

1 Master emissive material

3 Clay materials

2 Godray/volumetric materials

+ (Misc. materials (skin, lava, bubbles etc.) 

Terrain Shaders!

Terrain shaders work on taking height data of your geometry and distributing different materials on the height values of your object. This way you quickly get realistic looking terrain by just applying one material!

Rocky cliffs with grass

Snowy mountains on a frozen lake

Desert sandstone canyons

Muddy slopes and muddy wet terrain

Ocean & Water

1 click ocean and water materials with full procedural control and animation sliders.

Light materials!

Creative lighting materials that allow you to create cinematic looking scenes.

Fake God Rays /Easy Volumetric Lighting Material

Applying the god ray materials to different shaped materials allows for very unique looks!

Master Emission Shader

One emission shader to rule them all.

Abstract Materials

Abstract patterns made for aesthetic visualization and experimentation!


15 Custom metal materials - normal metals and sci-fi metals for hard surface detailing!


14 custom glass and crystal materials


Raymarching materials (fake volume)

A new and unique material technique allowing you to get volume looking results inside your object for great abstract projects!

Read more about our material pack on:


  • Create Lighting Setup For Selected Object
  • Randomize Light Color Values
  • Lock Lights To Prevent Changes
  • Hide from render and viewport
  • Create and tweak realistic sun values 

Select objects by materials!

Swap materials for multiple objects!

Delete unused materials across your blend file!


  • Select Objects By Materials
  • Batch Replace Object Materials
  • Join Meshes By Materials
  • Remove Unused Materials
  • Batch Set Auto Smooth


  • Track Keypresses Made Per Project
  • Track Mouse Clicks Made Per Project
  • Track Total Time On Project (soon)
  • Track Session Time On Project (soon)

Fractalize any mesh!

Generate Fractal Shapes!


  • Generate Fractal Shapes
  • Draw Base Structures (wip)
  • Fractalize Any Mesh

Generate Basic Shapes!


  • Generate Random Shapes
  • Use Custom Object Collection For Generation
  • Transform
  • Mirror
  • Substract
  • Mesh Baking
  • Randomize Master Seed

Turn this:

Into this:

Geometry Nodes

Compositor Nodes

Shader Nodes

Workspace Pie Menu

Want to get photorealistic and physical like camera inside blender?

Want a photorealistic and physical camera inside blender?

Check out our camera addon! 

Some other features: Draw camera path with curve, auto focus, auto track object, false colors, viewport guidelines etc.

Animating your camera movement?

Animating a camera path can be annoying and tedious. Especially when you need to go back and tweak keyframes to get the motion you like.

With our path system you can get quick and beautiful looking camera paths simply by drawing on your viewport. You can make the camera follow the curve or track an object while moving along the curve. You can edit the curveand path of the camera after you already keyframed the movement!

Read more on the product page!




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