Agile Render

by MarkC in Scripts and Addons


This add-on contains only presets that enable you to render faster with minimal (if any) difference in image quality, to the extent that blender python allows, it is not an external render engine either; this means you don't need to use an experimental or custom build of Blender to get the benefits of Agile Render.

There are 2 main presets, Agile and Turbo:

Agile does minimal optimisations in order to preserve image quality, this preset won't touch samples & won't enable denoising.

Turbo is a speed optimised preset that makes use of denoising and other optimisations.

Check the images above to compare noise levels! You'll find the images are practically identical with the only difference being the render time. The video demo should also help remove any and all that doubt that the results are too good to be true!.


Ryzen 7 3700x / RTX2070 / 32GB RAM

  • BMW Baseline - 00:32.28
  • BMW Agile - 00:18.68
  • BMW Turbo - 00:05.17

Intel Core i5 9400f / 1660s / 32GB RAM

  • BMW Baseline - 01:16.93
  • BMW Agile - 00:28.19
  • BMW Turbo - 00:10.27

Notice that with the Agile preset applied a GTX1660s it is capable of rendering 4.09 seconds faster than an RTX 2070 can render its baseline benchmark.

Just take that in for a moment. A GTX1660s rendering FASTER than an RTX2070


Remember to show off anything you render with agile on social media using the #agilerender hash tag!

Supporter Pack:

The code for the plugin is GPL and as a result is available here:

By buying this product - customers also get the nebula .blend file and the kitchen .blend file you see being used as a benchmark.