Woodland Photoscan/Photogrammetry Objects

by JF Photoscans in Models

Detailed photoscans

I've compiled into this collection 25 photoscans of woodland objects, included are: 9 tree stumps, 8 sticks, 5 logs, 1 pinecone and 2 dead trees, all with diffuse textures. Due to the nature of photoscanning there's plenty of detail captured in the texture and the model, it's very true to life and can be added into your renders however you wish in keeping with a realistic look.


  • High resolution textures for each object as well as detailed meshes
  • Proxy meshes for preview rendering attached to each object
  • Real world scale
  • Ready to use objects; mask modifiers on some objects and decimation modifiers, materials and diffuse textures for each object
There's lighting baked in but an effort has been made to reduce this through texture editing including a de-lighting process, I have included some partial unlit views to somewhat show this. Read the documentation for more details.

Updated 25/06/20. Changes:

- Fixed an issue with textures not being assigned to objects by creating new materials

- Parented preview meshes to scan meshes

- Changed collections in the outliner for easier object managment