Vastatosaurus Rex

by Eiffel in Models

Vastatosaurus rex is the result of Tyrannosaurus rex evolving isolated on Skull Island over millions of years.

13k poly.

Simple Rig with custom shape.

Ctrl_Ik_Foot = Ik for leg.

Ctrl_Head = Ik for Head.

Ctrl_Finger = open/close hand.

Ctrl_FootFinger = open/close foot.

Ctrl_Jaw = open/close jaw.

Reset pose in pose mode with alt+g, alt+r, alt+s.

Shape keys for open/close eyes, object data v-rex

Shape keys for eyes, object data Eye.

map 4k .png

color map

normal map

displacement map

Ao map

layer 1 : mesh

layer 2 : armature

layer 6 : custom shape

HDRI maps from