Ultimate Sci-Fi Decal Bundle For Blender - Decal Machine 2.1 Ready

by Ponte Ryuurui in Models

6 decal packs in one bundle. Total retail value of all packs is $65, you save $15 by buying this bundle. It includes 440+ high quality decals, bakes with highest Decal Machine settings. All packs are plug and play, Decal Machine 2.1 ready.  

Bundle includes following packs:

1. 80+ Sci-Fi Panel Decals / Decal Machine ready (retail value $20)

2. 259 Japanese decals with translations - Decal Machine ready (retail value $30)

3. 45 (+1) Scifi Alpha Decal panel pack v.3 - Decal Machine ready (retail value $10)

4. Scifi alpha decal panel pack v.2 - Decal Machine ready (retail value $5)

5. 20 FREE sci-fi decals - Decal Machine ready ($1)

6. Hardops/Boxcutter themed FREE 4K decal pack - Decal Machine ready ($1)

How to install:

Download and unpack with winrar (free software). Drag and drop all the decal folders into Decal Machine asset folder, which is by default located on your C drive, C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\BLENDER VERSION\scripts\addons\DECALmachine

If you need help with using Decal Machine, or other machine addons, visit my YT channel, and browse the Machin3 addons playlist.

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