by Boris Bürgel in Models

Realistic, highly detailed model of a tugboat with high resolution textures, made based on reference photos of a real tugboat.

All materials made from scratch using Blender's new Principled BSDF shader.

Underwater parts like propellers and a rudder are not included. The ocean surface and HDRI environment from the preview renders are not included aswell.

How to use:

Unpack the ZIP file to some folder. The "scene" subfolder contains the .blend file with all the geometry. The "textures" subfolder contains all textures in TIF format. File paths are relative, as long as this kind of folder structure is not changed, Blender should find all textures in the scene no matter where you move the 2 folders.

To import this model into your scene just use Blender's "Append" file dialog and choose the group "Tugboat_GRP".

Tech specs:

- 215 objects with 428K faces

- 65 Textures with resolutions up to 8K x 8K

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