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True-Earth is here! 

True-Earth is the most accurate CG depiction of the planet earth, that you will find anywhere online... It's also the cheapest paid Earth model you'll find online!! 

SERIOUSLY! (google PBR Earth model)

True-Earth comes with accurately realised Rayleigh scattering through the earth's atmosphere, True-volumetric clouds, and accurate displacement of the Earth model. 

All of this comes together to form the most beautiful earth render you'll get out of Blender! 


Included in all of this, is the use of drivers and Empties, so that you can rotate a sunlamp around your mesh, while a Sun-Sphere mesh moves around the scene accurately so that you have a visible source of light in renders.

Not only that, but... I also managed to squeeze in the red light scattering you get on the horizon at a sunset or sunrise. That's not been done in blender before...

Update 1.1

Optimised Eevee Model and shader:

  • Shader rework for Clouds
  • Shader rework for Atmosphere 
  • Displacement modifiers added to Earth mesh and Clouds mesh, for added realism
  • New File added just for Eevee 

Update 1.2


  1. fixed clouds SSS
  2. fixed night lights not being masked properly
  3. small tweak to Atmosphere shader
  4. cleaned up viewport a bit


  1. added 2 modifiers for better viewport display, so you can now see what you'll render, before hitting F12
  2. cleaned up viewport of clutter
  3. small tweak to earth shader for the bright specular hotspot in the oceans
  4. small tweak to atmosphere shader colours and mask

Added Video to youtube for some more in-depth help on how to use Eevees Volume settings properly:

Update 1.3

Added 'Halo Strength' option to Atmosphere shader, for increasing and decreasing size of Atmospheric 'Glow'

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