Tripod Lamp

by Alex Saplacan in Models

First of all Thank you for purchasing the Tripod Lamp, it means a lot to me and I hope it will bring some extra value tu your scenes.Credits:On this project I've used Cycles shader from Chocofur for the and CGC Mahogany shader from CGC Hardwood shader pack:CGC hardwood collection   What’s inside:Here is the file structure of all the package:Installation:To import the lamp into the scene go to File>Append (or simply hit Shift = F1) and navigate to the folder containing the ‘ASF_Tripod_Lamp_1_01.blend’ then go to Group > ASF_Tripod and then “Append from library”. TIP: Before importing in your scene, select an empty layer (if you have any :) ) so the object or group is imported on that layer and is easier to be selected / manipulated. Once the group is imported, yo can position it at your will and then move it to another layer.Also you may consider to disable the relationship lines from the Display settings in Properties PanelThe Rig controllersUse these controllers to manipulate / animate the lamp or its elements:ASF_Tripod_Master - this is the parent of all objects in the group. To position the lamp in the scene grab this object or rotate it ( in particular around the Z axis) . SCALING !! At the moment The Tripod Lamp cannot be scaled. It is made in metric and has sizes of 1.40 - 2.00 mt high. The reason are a few constrains that limit then the heigh of the lamp.ASF_Tripod_Aperture_Control -this control you have to scale it instead !! so you can set the aperture of the legs.ASF_Tripod_MCHN_MAIN_CONTROL - grab it to set the position of the lamp and the heightASF_Tripod_MCHN_Z_ROT- rotate it to rotate the upper body of the lamp around the z axisASF_Tripod_MCHN_AZIMUTH_ROT -rotate this controller to point the lamp up or downPositioningthecable: -the cable is rigged through a mesh with a cloth modifier, to position it is quite intuitive using the play animation.-before animating it you should enable the collision modifier for the objects that the cable should interact with ( pavements, stairs ...). Also for having more time to position it, I recommend to increase the final frame of the playback range to 1000.Now select the plug (ASF_Tripod_plug) and hit ALT-A to start the animation. If nothing happens be sure you start from frame 0. Press G to Grab the plug and play a bit around to find a nice position for the cable. Once you are happy with it press LMB to stop the translation and again ALT- A to stop the animation. Let’s do some fine tuning for the plug now: Grab the small circle under the plug and move it around. Maybe together with the plug. You will be able to position it quickly on the desired place.There is another manipulator at the other side of the cable, use it to fine tune the position of the cable at the connection with the body of the lamp.You can live the cable like that, otherwise you can apply the cloth modifier if you want to make an animated clip and it doesn’t interfere with your animation.Materials:The materials used are cycles ready. For the wooden parts I’ve used the CGC_Mahogany-semiGloss-figured node group which gives a noble attitude to the lamp. The settings of the node are quite intuitiveThe metallic parts are using two types of materials:ASF_Tripod_Metal: is composed of a mix between an Anisotropic BSDF shader and a Coated Metal node group shader (the paint). As factor of the mix is used another node tree which can adjust the factor of the scratches and the bump ASF_Tripod_Legs_Metal: is a node group generic for metals, you can adjust the colour, coating and refraction parameters.LightsI have prepared for you two kind of lights: -a mesh light (The Bulb) which you can change it’s power an colour using the strength of the emitter and the value of blackbody in the material node editor. -the other light is a lamp ( Spot) and the render is disabled by default. You can enable it from the outliner (or CTRL - Recursive) with object selected. It has a “torch” like texture for the spot.ToDo for the next release: -rigging with bones for the mechanism and the cord.If you find the asset useful, pleaser rate it on the market and also leave your feedback and requests in the comments.Thanks, Alex