Toonkit For Cycles

by Cogumelo Softworks in Materials, Shaders, Textures

It support Bake?

Yep! It support Baking for most of the nodes. The golden rule is that view dependent can produce some unexpected results. Line Rendering of course don't make sense in bake.

There's any limitation in the Line Rendering?

There's two known limitation for the line rendering node. They doesn't work with Ortogonal Cameras only perspective and you need to enable Clamp and setup a good value for it to make it work trough transparent objects.

It will work with Blender 2.8?

Starting with the 1.3 version it's only compatible with blender 2.8x

So how fast it is?

Lightning fast! You just need about 32 samples to make an production quality image. We provide many presets of quality that you can control in the Toonkit Settings in render panel too.

It works with GPU rendering?

No. Since OSL shaders are CPU only it do not support GPU rendering.

It's a new rendering?

No. It extend Cycles with OSL nodes and some python nodes to implement NPR features.