by josepetri in Models


To bring more realism into your scene what's better than include some furniture and quotidian items, like a coffee mug, a basket of fruit and why not a toaster =] Each day begins with a good breakfast, eggs, meat, milk or a plate of toast. Give the impression that your scene has people living in it and using your kitchen! This toaster has many interesting features like:

  • Rigged cord = You can literally put the plug in a wall and change the position of the cord easily.
  • Mechanism to Bake = When you select the button you can really push it and the breads will going down and the lateral grids will press the bread.
  • Resistor light = The wire iron real light and you can turn it ON and OFF.
  • Toast Lights = In the toast have two lights to show that it was really working.
  • Colors = Easy you can change the colors and the logo of you toast to fit it to your scene.
  • Bread Material = The bread material was made with my own textures and project, so you don't have any problems with copyright and restrictions to use.

A toaster with many details, photo-realistic and rigged! Perfect to use in your kitchen scene, improving the realism in your scene and save your time and money!


  • - Photo-realistic model
  • - Scale 1:1, real size. The bread, plate, toaster, plug, cord, all items made with real size, specially the plug follow all the regulations.
  • - Rigged wire to easily match with your scene.
  • - Toaster button move the inside grid as a real toaster!
  • – Pivot point is in the holder center, so it is easy to position the model in your scene.
  • - Empty capsuled, so it is easier to select the model and move, scale or rotate it.
  • - Objects logical named, it is easy to find the objects in your scene.
  • - Material logical named and organized and grouped nodes to improve your work.


The toaster has 18cm X 30cm X 20cm

Warranty and Lifetime Support

If the model have any problem or incompatibility with your scene I will solve this in 30 days or you will receive your money back. Now Cycles is a good and popular render, but if in the future I start to make models in another render or if cycles go out and I start to convert my models to other render I will share with you for free. If you need this model with another render that I didn't made yet let me know send a comment.