The Stuff Pack

by Fairly Managed Studios in Models

Each layer contains a separate group of items. The list is as so:
  • Layer 1 - "Baubles" - Star, Clock, Metal Ball, Jack, Candle Holder
  • Layer 2 - "Blue Glass" - All four blue Depression Era bottles
  • Layer 3 - "Green Glass" - All three green Depression Era bottles
  • Layer 4 - "Vases" - All four different vases.
  • Layer 5 - "Hourglasses" - The large and twisted hourglasses.
Some items, such as the clock, the star, and the candle holder are grouped together, as they have multiple parts to the model. When appending or linking, make sure to select the entire group under the "groups" folder within the blend, not the object. Many of the models are simple materials, to change the appearance, simply edit the base diffuse or glossy nodes that each material contains.