The Medieval Market Stall

by Meshgrab in Models

The Medieval Market Stall low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.

3D Low Poly VR AR Model inspired by a medieval market stall

3D Model Low Poly ready for VR/AR and games or other applications.

With PBR materials, textures non-overlapping and some overlapping UV layout map.

The set includes:
- 1 structure stall and tent
- 1 wooden desk
- 3 crates
- 2 chopping board
- 1 cleaver
- 3 breads
- 1 cheese
- 1 meat
- 1 watermelon

All are single objects and named in the outliner menu
You can make multiple copies of 3d objects and all of them are easily customizable.

Everyone has 3 Levels of Details (LOD).

LOD_00 -- > Original Low Poly
LOD_01 -- > Less Details
LOD_02 -- > Even less details

All textures are included in the package.
Textures provided: base color, metallic, normal, roughness, AO.
Textures for Blender Cycles with normal map - Open GL.
UV Layout map and Textures resolution: 2048x2048px and 1024x1024px.
Unity and Unreal textures are exported with Substance Painter 2018 and included.

Geometry of the full set:

Vertices: 25839
Tris: 50630
Faces: 34838

Vertices: 13985
Tris: 26936
Faces: 21890

Vertices: 7374
Tris: 11719
Faces: 13734

Scale units meters in Blender in real world dimension and Unreal scale (file fbx).
Made and rendering in Blender v2.79 with Cycles.


1. Created high and low poly resolution with Blender

2. Low poly poligon:  34838  vertices: 25839

3. Unwrapped and created the UV map 

4. Baking Normal map and AO map

5. Created PBR textures with Substance Painter 2018

6. Exported many file formats and 2k, 1k textures for Unity and Unreal

7. Every items has 3 Level Of Detail (LOD)

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