The Hand Rig V2

by mathiasa in Models

The Hand Rig I'm happy to introduce to you the hand rig! It's a good way to start using this rig if you are new in animation, this way you won't be overwhelmed with a full body to animate! So I hope you will be able to give it some life! ;) It is a straight forward rig, so if you know how to use rigs in Blender, you shouldn't have any problem! This rig, like many rigs in blender uses some scripts and so one thing that is really important is to make sure that “Auto Run Python Script” is checked. Press Ctrl+Alt+U, then go to file and check this box. Then reopen the blend file of the hand rig and it should work. In the viewport, at the bottom of the properties panel (Press N is it's not open) you should see a few buttons and sliders. The slider IK FK will change from the IK setup @0 to the FK setup @1 The slider Hand Follow is about the rotation of the hand. It will follow the rotation of the arm @1 or won't @0 The buttons under the Bone Hide panel will show or hide the different controls. The FK button will show all of the FK controls. The IK button will show all of the IK controls. The Secondary will show the controls if you want to rotate the different little bolts... The Hand offset will show an Arrow that is used when Hand Follow is at 0. This arrow is a secondary rotation control. It will help you to avoid a gimble lock. This arrow will help you to reorient the hand. With the main control you can change the scale of the whole character. The rest of the controls are pretty straight forward, just play with them to see what they do! You can achieve a lot more complicated poses in FK... If you have any question, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to reply to you and update the information if it's not clear! ;) Thank you! Mathias Aubry