The Cycles Encyclopedia

by BlenderDiplom in Training

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  • baolei 2 months ago

    Hi, Just wondering if there is any plan for some updates of this book. It's been a great book with a huge amount for information for me since Eevee and a lot of other stuff had been added. will there be any plan for new updates? Appreciate your hard work~

    • Gottfried Hofmann about 2 months ago

      Thank you that you enjoy the book. We are currently working on an update to Blender 2.8x...

  • yorick 12 months ago

    A must-have

  • Ľuboš Černák over 2 years ago

    I hesitated few weeks, and I did not have to do it. This is "a must" for everyone who want get the best from Cycles. Plenty of useful informations and comparisons of different nodes setup. I recommend to everyone who want seriously deal with Cycles. This really worth the money.

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