Thangs Blender Addon

by Randy Hucker in Scripts and Addons

  • The add-on itself requires no login
  • Thangs and the add-on are free, we do not and have not ever sold user data
  • Thangs' captures no identifying user data (just a beacon event to let us know someone installed)

Known issues:

- User experience is limited by client extensibility, in many ways, for a search use case

- Users still need to download and import the 3D mesh itself manually - I can work around this, but I need to ensure the original content owner's use license is appropriately displayed

- .blend support is WIP, but I can accelerate that (with direct import) if the community believes this add-on is overall a positive

Potential future plans:

- Better Model Support

- Textured models (with mats)

- Rigged models

- Rigged and animated models

- Shaders

- Geonodes

- Postpro nodes

- Action strips

- Physics setups

- Direct import, vs forcing the user to open the web app

- Similar to Thangs Sync, functionality to automatically backup all versions (optionally, user opt-in only) to private, free, cloud-based 3D Git (Thangs Workspace, aka Git for Geometry)

- Ability to suggest mesh auto-complete using Thangs 3D search capabilities

- and maybe also addons^^

  • If you are interested in updates later on (no marketing use), join the mail list here.
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Published about 2 months ago
Blender Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
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