T-Rex 4k Highend Resolution Model

by Alexander's Artwork in Models

The Story Behind the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Over one year ago, I had the idea to build a absolute stunning 3d Model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  i worked over 3 month on the model sculpting itself and texturing. My intention was to bring it to the big screen. 

I build the model initially in Blender, optimized it in Houdini and 3D Coat. With several sculpting tools. Later i started to finalize it and build a Muscle Rig setup within Houdini. My Idea was to animate it in Houdini because the animation tools were not good in Blender at the time. So i decided to bake down the nearly 50 Million Polygon Model. It look amazing in Blender and Cycles.

You want a 3d Model for the Bigscreen, 4k Screen ready? Here is what you get:

You get a 300k Quad-Polygon Closeup 3D-Model . All Maps are up to 4K for Rendering in Cycles, well optimized for maxium texture space and a minimum of texture distortion.

Its perfect for Animation and Muscle Simulation. The Displacement map is included. The Model doesn't have a rig inside but is standing on the neutral pose like you will see on the Screenshots. 

At the moment you need to render the model with the experimental option of cycles. Because Micropolygon Displacement only works in the experimental Cycles version. But also, when you use the standard version you will get a very nice looking Full HD Model ready for rendering of closeup images even in 4K. 8K images for medium-range shots are also possible without any problem. You will love it.

Full Shading Network included for PBR Rendering

The Model also included a full shading network, based on the Knowledge and Tutorials for PBR Shading from Blenderguru. 

Additional Skin Shading is based on the shared Skin Shader of Matthew Heimlich, he is also a creator here on Blender Market. I highly recommend to buy the latest version of his Skin shader. This shader would be a nice addition to the model itself.

Happy Blending.
Alexander Weide