Sword Collection 1

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Sword Collection 1

A collection of three swords - one from the Bronze Age, one Norse and one fantasy inspired. The models are low poly and game ready and come in two versions - the clean, polished metal of a sword in use and the rusted remains of long forgotten relics.

Bronze Age Sword: studded, waisted design with a gilded and oxidized ribbed grip and square pommel fitted over the curves of its blade.

Norse Sword: straight bladed sword in a traditional Norse style - with its leather wrapped grip and its guard/pommel richly etched with Celtic knotwork.

Fantasy Sword: tapered blade, etched with Norse symbols that match the brass guard and pommel. The tapering handle is of wood carved with knotwork and bound in the center with studded brass.

Vertex/poly count:

⦁    Norse sword - 1,312 vertex, 1,236 faces 

⦁    Bronze Age sword - 1,787 vertex, 1,764 faces 

⦁    Fantasy sword - 2,847 vertex 2,711 faces 

Geometry: Quads and a very few triangles.

Uvs: Non - overlapping.

All three swords share the same texture maps.



⦁     BaseColour, 

⦁    Roughness, 

⦁    Metallic, 

⦁    Normal

Texture Resolutions available: 512, 1024 & 2048

Texture options - Clean & Grunge

Scale: Unit scale 1 - real world scale

   Norse sword: 114cm long

⦁    Bronze Age sword: 105cm long

⦁    Fantasy sword: 105cm long


⦁    .blend 

Rendered in Blender Cycles

Published about 1 year ago
Software Version 2.92
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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