Survival Shield

by knockcg in Models

Game props post-apocalyptic shield.

  • Tris: 3806
  • 4k or 2k texture of your choice.

Model with pbr realistic textures (they are in a separate archive, you can use them in any 3D package for any render). Perfect for surviving games or for your atmospheric scene.
The project has a scene for Blender with customized light, materials and post-processing for your convenient use. 
You can copy the texture model into another open Blender window with your scene using the combination ctrl + c / ctrl + v.
Also in the archive is a folder with Unreal Engine and Unity textures with a short shader setup guide.

For Unreal Engine use SurvivalShield_UNREAL.fbx mesh
For Unity Engine use SurvivalShield_UNITY.fbx mesh