Stylized Rigged Girl

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Stylized Rigged Girl

Thanks for the view and welcome to my finest work to date. It is a female model for users/artists that are in search of a very close representation of the human body deformations in the body, all of this archived in a very well crafted stylized model.

*This model is considered to be Low Poly for some users, but Mid Poly is a better label.

Featured Animations in this File:


Mamahaha Flight!

Can't Stop RHCP Bass Cover

DIVE - Blender Animation

BLENDER 2.9+ SHOULDER RIG DEMO - YouTube - Shoulders & Arms Rig technical showcase.

The animations are in rework process, until all of them are finished, the "animated" feature will be deactivated, but all of them are present on the files in its original state.

*You may check on the *FAQ to learn how to load the animations.

Main characteristics: 
  • The mesh as you can see is very clean, lighter than many other meshes in their class and fully editable. Its shape is given by 5,080 polygons, (quads only) and all the poses in the demo gallery are supported by only one level of the Subdivision Surface Modifier (no other modifier has been used beside this and the armature). The mesh of the Full Body version has an increase to 5,320 faces because of the private modeled parts (the character is fictional, original and canonically speaking, her age is 21. Just in case).
  • The rig is very simple, the number of controllers is very low because there are just one optional bone placed for correction porpouses, (you may check this clip BLENDER 2.9+ SHOULDER RIG DEMO - YouTube) this helps a lot to the animation/posing speed process.
  • The spine is mainly controlled by exterior controllers that give specific orders to the whole interior chain. Can also be posed by rotating each interior bone individually, but this is not necessary 90% of the times.
  • 16 Hairstyles and 10 texture skins. The models are already Unwrapped and the texture files are 2 tiled 2K and 4k size.

The file has already 83 poses for you to understand the several bendings limits:
  • 8 Test Poses: Shoulders and hips/legs performing at maximum bending levels, and neutral T and A poses.
  • 20 Hand positions: Closed, extended, interacting and many other useful finger configurations to complete your poses.
  • 16 Face expressions: Joy, confidence, focus, anger, surprise...
  • 39 Body positions: Performing some of the MOST DIFFICULT POSES TO ARCHIVE TO ANY RIG, you'll see...

*This library is the replacement to the old libary pose on Blender 3.0- versions. The files of this product remains on 3.0, this new Library was builded for 3.2+ Blender users and can be loaded from the "Assets" Tab of the file.
Let me know if you need some assistance in this particular topic.

I owe blender my main income, and it is a great feeling to finally pay something back with each sell of this product. Hope you to like it and feel free to ask me about anything related to this model, or just to share your opinions.
Saludos y gracias por todo!

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Customer Ratings 6
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Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 1 year ago
Software Version 3.0
Render Engine Used eevee
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, rigged, low-high-resolution, textured
License Royalty Free
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