Starter Pack For Brick Built Environments

by hknoblauch in Models

The aim of this package is to offer a "set" or "kit of elements which can very easily be utilized to create "drag & drop" type environments. See the below for reference:

0. File:

There are 2 scenes embedded in the file:

1. Elements - Only (Contains only the Kit of parts"

2. Level_01 ( A Pre-Built level or area supplied free of charge)

Switch between the scenes here:

1. Scene:

Both scenes are built over individual layers. 

Geometry and cameras and and lights are located on different layers.

Use the ~ Button to activate all layers at once or click them individually

2. Geometry:

Faces: 3569

Verts: 4146 

3. Scale:

The kit of parts are modeled to scale and corresponds to real world objects.

4. Textures:

Below is a "Contact sheet showing all the textures used:

5. Render engine:

Cycles, Blender 2.79

6. Selection and importing:

The following groups have been created for ease of selection:

a. Pallet-with-box

b. Pallets

c. Crates

d. Door_Open

For ease of integration into another scene Append as a group rather than mesh or object:

File>Append>Group>Group Name