Space Vfx Elements : The Ultimate Guide To Creating The Galaxy In Blender

by Aidy Burrows & Gleb Alexandrov in Training

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  • Daniel about 1 month ago

    The overall premise is good however the blender version used is VERY out of date now making the tutorials very hard to follow if not impossible if you're somewhat new to blender or just inexperienced with it. It's extremely frustrating but its what happens when software progresses. The bottom line is a course of this fame and success within the blender community should really be updated to reflect the blender2.8# changes.

    2nd gripe and this is a big gripe and the reason for the 2 stars is that much of what you see advertised is not what you actually produce by the end of a given tutorial. In many of the tutorials the result you get is not the result you think you're going to get upon looking at the flash preview videos or images shown. For example, the sun you see is not the same as advertised. It's so disappointing and you have to do some "post processing" to get it to look like that.

    It's not the only tutorial that does this. I'm sorry but I'm paying decent money for this I expect to produce whats been advertised. I feel somewhat cheated on this front. Very little is actually explained in this series, you just follow it parrot fashion to get a result at the end which often (not always) doesn't turn out as you expected it to. Sorry for the harsh review but it's true.

  • KakaoFelix 4 months ago

    Its like a interactive Netflix series.

  • dignity over 2 years ago

    My mind is blown. I‘ve never seen anything similar for this price. This really blew my mind. By the way: Gleb has some pretty good jokes every now and then.
    5 Stars for the price (really worth the money! They could even take more.)
    5 Stars for the product (you can create really high quality scenes with it).
    And a bonus star for Gleb‘s jokes ;)

    So if you read this and hesitate if you should buy the course: trust me. Just do it. You‘ll be amazed. I‘m pretty sure this will blow your mind like it blew mine. Specially the procedural workflow is really crazy.

  • anthonyc over 2 years ago

    Some of the best Blender instruction available.
    A virtual smorgasbord tips and tricks with practical application well beyond just the presented exercises.

  • pawelczerwinski over 2 years ago

    I finished this course a couple of months ago, at the time it wasn't available here on Blender marker (and wrote a review on Creativeshrimp website then). I really enjoyed it! I'd say some parts are really challenging, especially those super-complicated, multi-level node editor tricks, but it's a great opportunity to find out what possibilities they give you. Each lesson in this course gives you a chance to creating your own unique sci-fi objects, you're not expected to follow the guys' every step.

  • bromanuid over 2 years ago


  • tobor42 over 2 years ago

    This space VFX course is outstanding. Now I'm hoping for a class teaching how to create spaceships to put in my scenes.

  • Belvane over 2 years ago

    This is one of the best Blender classes I ever took. It's far more than making space scenes - it's learning so much about how to make things in Blender, from a better grasp of procedural materials and the node editor, to the thorough demonstrations of how to achieve the trademark Gleb Alexandrov beautiful pieces, it's all there. The explanations are crisp and clear, the demonstration professional. There's so many tutorials, even paid ones, which are annoying to un-usable because knowing the material doesn't make one a good teacher; this was never the case here, and I felt that every minute gave me a full worth of my money.

    Highly recommended and worth every penny; I'd buy any class made by this duo, and I'm looking forward to the next one they release, if they do.

    Thanks for a brilliant class, Aidy and Gleb!

  • J.W. Sargent over 2 years ago

    If you are advanced in Blender you may think there is nothing to learn from this. You would be wrong. There are dozens of tips and tricks hidden away besides some concepts I didn't realize I was missing out on. I very strongly recommend this to anyone looking to expand their Blender/CG knowledge.

  • David Kelly over 2 years ago

    Fantastic, packed with incredibly useful information, and even Gleb's jokes aren't bad!

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