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  • Bay Raitt about 1 year ago

    this is fantastic. I can't wait until the multiple select is implemented!

  • Brandon Ayers almost 2 years ago

    This is exactly what I was wanting. I like to have little in the way of viewing my character when animating. This means I normally hide bones that I'm not working with. This can become a tedious process. But Skin Selection has came to the rescue! I can now directly select my mesh to animate! I do love this. However there are a few issues that I have. One is that you can't see Motion Paths with it on. I believe this is due to the fact that it turns on Only Render in the 3d-view. I don't know if it's possible to fix this issue. The second issue is if you are playing an animation and press ESC to stop it, it doesn't stop it first it turns off Only Render and the Bone Shapes are visible but you have to press ESC again to stop the animation then press Stop on Skin selection. This may also be impossible to fix, but just something to think about. In the end the slightly tedious setup is worth it and I highly recommend this add-on to any animators who like a clean interface while animating.

    • Artell almost 2 years ago

      Thank you Brandon for rating!
      I understand the motion path visibility restriction is annoying indeed, a workaround is to disable the "Only Render" automatically being enabled when starting the process, but this is not the perfect solution yet. Blender 2.8 will bring way more options to easily customize the display, i'll investigate.

      To stop the animation, pressing Alt-A instead of Escape should fix the issue. However i'll remove the Escape shortcut to stop Skin Selection, indeed it can accidentally "overlap" other shortcuts action.

  • SergioCajazeiras Cajazeiras over 2 years ago

    Great! It works very well for me, it helps a lot! Many thanks great work!

    • Artell almost 2 years ago

      Thank you!

  • Ndroid over 2 years ago

    - Terribly slow even on a simple character (UE4 mannequin). After creating more than 20 vertex groups there is a very noticeable lag between the click and the actual selection of the controller.
    - No obvious multi-selection functionality.
    - Shading is flickering when x-ray is disabled.
    - Very tedious setup process.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Sorry to hear this Ndroid.

      It should not be slow, unless something special is happening, such as lots of performance consuming modifiers in the stack, surface subdivision set to a high level... The video demonstrating the feature is recorded in real time, and as you can see selection is made instantly. I suggest to create a support message (red life belt icon on the side of this page) and to send a sample blend file for me to check what is going on.

      About multiple bones selection, it is mentionned in the product description that it's not yet implemented.

      The highlights may flicker when X-Ray is not turned on, that's true. It's best to leave it turned on.

      The setup process is demonstrated in the video:

  • Pistol Ioan Alexandru over 2 years ago

    Here is what they use at Disney:
    With this tool, your selection process is much quicker at the same time you take advantage of the clear viewport, controlling up to three bones with one skin selection.
    With clear viewport, it's easier to focus on the animation and posing without thinking what bones should I need to select.
    Is actually very easy to set up because you define only the green part that you want to select.
    The price is quite cheap for what he offer.
    No multiple skin selection, but may be added in the future.
    And because Python code is a bit slower, when using in a populated scene with Subsurf even with global subdivision at level 1 seems to be a bit of delay between selecting and showing the green skin, maybe 300ms or less.

    Overall I recommend you to buy this awesome add-on because buying it you will support future development of it.
    Is the best tool for every animator that respects himself.

    • Artell over 2 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback Pistol Ioan Alexandru!
      This duly noted. And yes performance with subsurf is something i'm aiming to improve. Cheers!

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