The Shipwright

by Mark Kingsnorth in Models


A Blender set-up which allows you to dynamically create interesting looking objects like Sci-Fi ships and parts.

This automates the process of extruding and manipulating objects.


  • Create a wide range of objects based on seed values: It takes at least 10-15 seconds for the add-on to recalculate with the default set-up.
  • Dynamically change parameters and the objects will automatically update.
  • Creates objects that can be further edited and combined in Blender.
  • Access to the full functionality of all the supporting add-ons at a discount. Animation Nodes can be downloaded separately.
  • Packaged in an easily configurable way.
  • An editable lattice deformation cage is created and attached for further shape changes.
  • The default material can be changed to suit your needs.

Inspired by the online Shapewright generator: 

Pre-requisites and requirements

This uses the freely available Animation Nodes by Jacques Lucke and uses my other add-ons:

Please note you will need all of the above add-ons for Shipwright to work. Shipwright will come with all these add-ons as standard other than Animation Nodes which can be downloaded here.

Already have the add-ons? If you have already supported me by purchasing these, see the pricing options to get the core set-up without certain add-ons already bundled.  Please check you select the right option, as the set-up will not work without the required add-ons.  

I recommend you are familiar with the concept of Animation Nodes and the other add-ons before purchasing.  If you have any questions before purchasing, contact me via the 'Contact Creator' button on my main Blender Market page.


If you have any questions either contact me via the 'Contact Creator' button on my main Blender Market page.