by Martin Brockelmann in Scripts and Addons

With this add-on you can easily set the vertex color of the objects in your scene. This is for example a great help, when you want to create an ID-map or just visual colorize objects and vertices quickly in different colors. With this add-on you can do this with one click or a customizable keyboard shortcut. No need to switch back and forth to vertex color mode...

You can set the vertex colors with different methods instantly: 

In Object Mode:

  • All selected objects get a (the same) color of your choice. Works with single or multiple objects at a time...
  • All selected objects get a different random color

In Edit Mode:

  • All selected vertices get a color (the same) of your¬†choice
  • Option for colorizing sharp regions or smoot color transitions

You can repeat the process quickly and use different colors on other vertices or objects.

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Published 4 months ago
Software Version 3.0
License GPL
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