Scatter Beta-Assets Tool

by Beta Leonardo in Scripts and Addons

How to install the Add-on ?

Inside Blender go to the "Edit" section, and inside go to "Preferences", in the Add-ons sub-menu, go to "Install" (Upper right part) and there search the compressed folder called :

I have a problem, where can I contact you?

You have two channels:

  1. Inbox Blender marketplace (Email)
  2. GitHub issues:
What is the difference between the free version and this version?

There is no difference, just in free version the grass Scatter don't count inside the tool, just the Pay version had the Grass Scatter tool, however in blender marketplace I decided to put a price on my work if you want to value it, this would motivate me to make updates and other add-on's, of course paying for the add-on is optional, you can download it for free and enjoy it. In addition, 10% of each sale will be donated to the blender foundation.