Save Render Presets Add-On

by Zensurist in Scripts and Addons

- Save your render settings as presets available from all Blender files

- Save your camera settings as presets available from all Blender files

- Save all Cycles, Eevee and Workbench settings from the properties section

- Mix render and camera presets, change all the settings with just one click

  no matter how many cameras you have in the scene

- Set a default name based on the name of your Blender file.

- Copy settings from the active camera to all the cameras in the scene

- Easy change between very different render settings for example VR and HD

- Never forget to make changes again in the render settings

- Feel secure when you render, knowing that you already used exactly those render settings

The workflow I highly recommend:

Render your scene as you always did and then, if you like the result, save the render and/or camera settings. This way you make sure that nothing has been missed. It will be awesome to load these hundreds of settings with just one click. Trying to create a preset for future purposes on the other hand may need a lot of time and makes no sense because you need to define the settings for an export anyway.

All of these settings will be saved:

Not savable exceptions:

    - The Shutter Curve from the Motion Blur

    - The Curves from the Color Management


- If “Include Camera Settings” is disabled, only your render settings will be saved.

- If “Include Camera Settings” is enabled, you need to select a camera. The system needs to know from what camera you like to save the settings.

If “Load Settings to all Cameras” is enabled, it does what it sounds like. Otherwise, it will put the settings only into the selected (active) camera.

You can add a new preset simply by clicking the plus button, give it the name you like and hit “OK” to save it.  

Delete a preset by clicking the minus button on the right side – this will remove the current loaded preview.

It works exactly the same way with the camera settings.

Maybe you can't see it at first in the camera settings. Just scroll down until you can see it. If you like you can move it onto another place by drag and drop the points on the right side from the word “Camera Presets”.

By hitting the button “Copy Settings to all Cameras”, the  settings from the selected camera will be copied to all other cameras in the scene.

This button is also available in the render preset section but only usable if a camera is selected.

One little special I added just because I love it so much... A very easy little tool but so helpful to speed up your workflow: the “Set Default Output Name” button.

I literally never wrote an export path again since I created this button.

First a folder named “Blender Exports” is generated , then your video clip is named by the name of the Blender file. If you export pictures, another folder is added with the name of the Blender file and “_Sequence” for image sequence.

If this button bothers you, you can simply remove it by disabling the checkbox in the Add-on preferences.