Rocket Ship

by Soki Studio in Models

Rocket Ship


This is a simple and cartoony Rocket Ship that I create some years ago for a TV commercial.
It's perfect for a cartoony scene, also works great in games since it's a very low poly model.

Tech Info:

  • Very lightweight (2535 vertices)!
  • Faces: 2148 Tris: 4216
  • With Seams and UVs ready and a perfect topology.

It's modeled in a single piece and doesn't  have any materials on it. It's not ready to be printed, it's a manifold mesh but some parts are not connected.
The Layer 1 is the only one with objects on it, and only have the RocketShip Obj.


The model has two modifiers (not applied)

  • Subdivision Surface (aka Subsurf)
    • Type: Catmull-Clark
    • Level : 1
  • Edge Split
    • Edge Angle and Sharp Edges Options activated.
    • SplitAngle: 19°