Rigged Dieline For Box Packaging Design And Product Animation

by Hammer Art in Models

Dieline (package layout) that can turn into a box for package design and product animation.  It's subdivision ready, the textures and structure mimic a real-world product package box making it suitable for close-up renders. The mesh and UV layout are set up to make it easy to create your own designs for the package.

The file for Blender 2.81 comes with rigging, "Closing" and "Rolling" actions, and the animation scene in the showcase video ready to render (studio lighting, Eevee and Cycles compatible + Compositing node setup).

MESH INFO: Thickness, bevel, and subdivision can be configurated in the .blend.

Textures (4096x4096): normal map, roughness map, (Bonus) Base color and editable PSD of a package design

Unwrapping: outside and inside are different materials with overlapped and aligned UVs