Rig Anything With Rigify

by CGDive in Training

Is Rigify right for me?

I believe most Blender users will benefit from knowing how to fully use Rigify.

You'll love this addon and the course if you are:

  • A 3d generalist who needs to rig occasionally but not often enough to develop your own efficient rigsĀ 
  • a hobbyist who doesn't have the time to learn manual rigging
  • an animator who wants to practice with a super versatile, customizable rig (rather than downloading random, inconsistent rigs from the internet)
  • a Pro rigger who is trying to save some time

You may not like Rigify if you are:

  • extremely OCD. Rigify rigs can be customized to some extent but in the end, Rigify does things in its own way
  • in need of tools for mechanical rigging. Rigify does not currently offer much in this area
Can you really rig ANYTHING with Rigify?

Kind of :) Some things are indeed outside the scope of Rigify. Mechanical Rigging in particular is not covered. But most creatures that you imagine when you say the word "character" can be rigged quite well with this addon.

I have a question about the course or about Rigify.

Get in touch with me. Especially if you've purchased the course I'll do what I can to help.

When will the Advanced Modules be released?

I haven't set a release date yet. Planning, recording and editing the videos does take a lot of time. I intend to update the course regularly tho. As soon as a new chapter is finished I'll add it to the package. If enough people get the early bird offer I can afford to drop all other work and focus on finishing the course. That would be wonderful and you'll be notified if that happens :)

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