Reflector Telescope

by blendingbastian in Models

  --- RIG --- The telescope is rigged useing parenting and constraints independent of its environment. To move, rotate or scale the entire model select the master parent empty box named [telescope] and press G, R or S. To rotate one of the telescope axis select the corresponding circle empty and press R to rotate. To extend the telescope legs select the arrow empty and press G to move them up and down. All names of the emptys that can be used to transform the model are starting with [control].   --- LAYERS --- Layer 1: Telescope Layer 2: Rig Emptys Layer 3: empty Layer 4: empty Layer 5: empty Layer 6: empty Layer 7: empty Layer 8: empty Layer 9: empty Layer 10: empty Layer 11: Floor Layer 12: Lighting Layer 13: Cameras Layer 14: empty Layer 15: empty Layer 16: empty Layer 17: empty Layer 18: empty Layer 19: empty Layer 20: empty
Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 6 years ago
Software Version 2.7x
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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