Realistic Tree Asset Pack

by CG Geek in Models

Easily Drag and Drop Realistic Trees in Blender!

  • Don't have the time or knowledge to spend countless hours creating realistic trees in Blender? Now there's an easy solution with the Realistic Tree Pack!

Production Ready & Easily Customizable

  • Nature made easy, with all the control! Pack contains 4 Tree Models, including Ash, Maple, Poplar and Spruce with 7-9 unique textures each for randomizing realism!

Changes with the Season! Want a Fall or Winter Scene? No Problem.

  • Using the Advanced Node Groups, easily animate the leaves to realistically change color! 

Advanced Node Groups Offers Lots of Control

  • Tweak or randomize any of the materials with the custom node groups! Add or remove Moss, Bark Rot, and Texture Variations!

Rigged and Ready for Animation

  • Each tree is completely rigged and ready for animation! Easily move branches around with the IK constraints to change the look of the tree. 

Note: This pack is created for Blender Cycles, and is not Game Engine compatible.

How to use the Realistic Tree Asset Pack:

       * Open your scene

    * Go File- Append

    * Select the Realistic_Tree_Asset_Pack.blend

    * Go Groups and Select Realistic Trees Pack

    * Voila! you've now added all the assets to your scene!

    * You can now set them up with a Particle Hair System in your scene.

If you'd like more info on how to ues this pack check out the

          Realistic Tree Asset Pack Video on the CG Geek Youtube page!

Check out the Demo video for more details and instructions on how to use!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them at my Facebook page:

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  • D4983beff556eeec12d2d20d83042a53

    Ralph Gauer 7 months ago

    Incredibly useful and a surprisingly rich tool. Look for the "fall color" colntrols and the control bones for the animations: They are really helpful!

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