Realistic Glass Shader (Eevee Ready)

by Dean in Materials, Shaders, Textures

To use shader in one of your projects append from the File menu and click on append name of the blend file is glass imperfections.blend.

Overview of shader settings:

  1. Surface imperfections scale: Adjusts the size of the surface imperfections.
  2. Smudges amount: Adjusts the amount of smudges.
  3. Smudges scale: Adjusts the scale of the smudges.
  4. Smudges detail: Adjusts the detail level of the smudges.
  5. Surface imperfection amount: Adjusts the amount of surface imperfections
  6. bump map strength: Adjusts the strength of the procedural normal map to further improve realism.
  7. IOR: Allows you to change the IOR value of the glass.
  8. Color: Allows you to change the color of the glass.