Real Materials Vol.6

by Lex4art in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Attention! This material pack requires Blender version 2.78 or higher. Won't work on 2.77a and lower.

This material pack contains 10 various wooden materials (texture-based) for Cycles render. Note that all of them also can be found in Real Materials Mega Pack (1$ per material).

  • Wood panel lacquered [displacement map is included]
  • Wood hardboard backside
  • Wood oriented strand board
  • Wood panel wall [displacement map is included]
  • Wood furniture lacquered
  • Wood log wall [displacement map is included]
  • Wood log wall cut
  • Wood boards planed
  • Wood boards unplaned
  • Wood hardboard

Main details and features:

Current version is 2.83 (changelog is on the "Documentation" tab), for additional information please visit this page.