Streamlined PBR Texturing
We organize, you design.
Ravage is a simplified Quixel Mixer/Substance Painter/ ArmorPaint, but within Blender. It provides a layer based texturing system, the ability to access local libraries and online libraries via Asset Ninja, tools to speed up your workflow, and much more.
Multiple Workflows
Ravage comes with the ability to use a PBR setup, texture setup, your own nodes, or a hybrid for flexibility, allowing you to break away from traditional layer systems and create a system that works for you.
Poweful Mask System
A mask system is essential to any PBR workflow, and Ravage doesn't come lacking, there is the possibility to use either generators and image textures.
Library Management
Providing quick access to local material and texture libraries, the need to go through a list of menus to perform simple tasks is no longer necessary.
Asset Ninja Integration
Access to online CC0 libraries is available via Asset Ninja, making parsing through numerous websites a breeze.
Performance Optimization
Care has been taken to make huge layer stacks easier to calculate, this is especially helpful when working with lower range machines but has obvious benefits for high end machines as well.
Support Map Baker
Packed with a system to bake support maps in a simple, straightforward manner, these maps can be used within the Ravage system or using a node based system.
Helpful Tools
Ravage comes with panels and tools to easily access menus and features that are deep with Blender's interface but necessary for the texturing process.