Raul, Male Character

by David Rodriguez in Models

Raúl is a fun male character, he is a musician, he loves the 90's music!

he has a flexible and easy to use rig, designed to provide the best performance to the animators.


  • Ik/Fk limbs
  • Facial  rigging based on bendy bones
  • Lattice deformation for all the parts of the body
  • Bendy bones in the limbs
  • More than two hundred controls to offer amazing appeal
  • Hi quality deformations
  • Multiresolution sculpt
  • Low polygon count
  • and a rigged guitar!!

Take a look of this flawless animation of Jilmar  Altamirano, astonishing...

Update to Blender 2.8! (beta)

character now work in blender 2.8 with a lots of fixes, new features and face morph.

Update v2

All the driver system change to fix some actualization issues in the facial rig, now it work nicely, this update is compatible with the old system and will not broke your animations.

A new set of clothes was added to Raul, (the musician's life is hard) to change the set just select the root bone and change the value of the "clothes" property.