Railway Freight Bogie Game Ready

by Prodesigns in Models

A technically model of a 18-100 bogie (game ready). There are 5 LODs. (See preview images)

  • LOD 0: Verts: 178,118 Polys: 165,608

  • LOD 1: Verts: 146,800 Polys:129,731

  • LOD 2: Verts: 117,900 Polys: 96,693

  • LOD 3: Verts: 61,813 Polys: 70,816

  • LOD 4: Verts: 29,610 Polys: 36,527

Track: Verts: 5,468 Polys: 5,468

All LODs are inclusive of track

All textures are baked (4k and 8K)- Albedo, metallic, roughness, normal, AO.

There are two texture variants: old bogie and abandened bogie textures. Game ready model. Model is rigged. The driver is the bogie frame. Both high and Low LODs can be used for close up renderings and animations (See preview for level of detail). 

Choose the geometry according to your need.

 Formats: blend (native), max, uasset, obj, stl, fbx