Quick Toolbox For Blender 2.8+

by Me Bman in Scripts and Addons

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  • DoomWalker about 1 month ago

    This is better than the other blender add ons for sculpting and at such a reasonable price. Outstanding!

  • Igor Costa de Faria 3 months ago

    This addon is fantastic! With this addon I can see the brushes and tools in a more organized way, besides being able to privilege the ones I use the most. Now, I just press Ctrl + Alt + space and I have a clean screen to focus on what I'm doing, being able to access my brushes when I need to and watch them disappear with the cursor movement out of the toolbox.
    Congratulations to the developer, he did something really useful here.

  • Dave Gray 3 months ago

    Incredibly useful add-on! Thanks very much! Makes my Blender life so much easier. :-)

  • Alex 3 months ago

    great thing!)

  • W3rD 4 months ago

    Love this add-on! Great UI design fits very well aesthetically and is incredibly functional, especially during sculpting workflows. My thanks to the developer!

  • Serge 4 months ago

    Really amazing addon which totally solving for me problem of brush management in sculpt mode and very useful in other modes to change active tool as quick as possible especially for the tools without useful hotkey.

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