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When working on my laptop, with limited screen real estate, often I need to drag out different windows such as UV editor, Asset browser. With the introduction of workspace, it greatly improves the workflow. Quick Workspace Toggle takes it a step further by combine toggle functionality with pie menu and/or keyboard shortcuts.

basic steps:

  1. Setup a few workspaces that fit your needs.

  2. Setup shortcuts for pie menu and/or hotkeys in add-on tab.

  3. Optionally, define a main workspace.

  4. Use pie menu and/or hotkeys to toggle between workspaces.

    please note: this addon support max of 8 workspaces show in the preference panel. larger than that, such as workspace 9 will be ignored. their order are based on numeric and alphabetic order, so you can rename them to reorder the position in the list. for example, "0 UV Edit" ( start with 0 ) will always above "3 texture painting" ( start with 3 ), "emma geo node" ( start with 'e' ) will always above "freddie assets" ( start with 'f' ). the workspaces 1 to 8 correspond to pie menu positions as follows: 1 left, 2 right, 3 bottom, 4 top, 5 top-left, 6 top-right, 7 bottom-left, 8 bottom-right.


      update 1.1:

      added: custom name filter to show selected workspaces in pie menu, button toggles will not be effected by the filter.

      if the "workspace_filter" is left empty, all available workspaces up to 8 will show up in pie menu as show in the picture below. 

      if text case sensitive ) is entered, it will filter through the available workspaces and only show workspaces that include it. for example, I enter "Danny" as shown below, the filter will ignore all rest, thus, pie menu will only include that inside the yellow mark, they are effectively in list 1 to 4 and appear in pie menu position as left, right, bottom, top.

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