Pure-Sky (Eevee & Cycle)

by 3DVision in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Mark Willner 15 days ago

    I really like this add-on with one exception, the lack of documentation. It would be nice to have a document or a non-musical video with someone teaching installation and first use. The YouTube videos are really spectacular to look at but I find it difficult to follow the various mouse movements that adjust the settings.

    • 3DVision 14 days ago

      With the 4.2 update I have produced six new tutorial videos that include written comments. I am also preparing a text documentation that will be available soon.

  • Clifford Morgan 26 days ago

    what a wonderful package

    • 3DVision 14 days ago

      Thank you.

  • Gil about 2 months ago

    Bonjour, bonsoir Franck,

    Je te remercie beaucoup pour ce formidable addon que j'ai découvert grâce à ta chaine youtube et les réseaux sociaux sur lesquels nous somms en commun. Je vais m'amuser avec les différentes fonctions que je vais découvrir.

    • 3DVision 27 days ago

      Merci, Gil

  • mohammad sufyan 2 months ago

    A very intuitive shader, in just a matter of clicks i was able to successfully add it into my scene and from there all it took was playing around with sliders until it fit the theme of my scene. I must say this is one of the best shaders i've come across, everything is clearly layed out, so that you dont have to waste a ton of your time searching for a small slider to tweak. I highly recommend this shader, as it heavily improves not just your workflow but also the quality and realism of your scenes.

    • 3DVision 2 months ago

      Thanks for your opinion, my goal was precisely to make the user interface simple and well laid out, while keeping the possibility to edit the main functions.

  • danielalois 2 months ago

    Whaooo, I tested this addons some months ago with a mitigated felling (good with EVEE but with bug for CYCLE render)...know this last update is arrived as writen early whaoo, very nice, lot of parameters are possible to do our own environment to build wonderfull landscape or space scene or Scifi scene and yes toonscenes too. Nothing to say, I don't found a better word that Whaoo...Bravo, I've upgrated to the pro version yesterday more than magic and easy to use for a beginner + than me!!!

    • 3DVision 2 months ago

      Thank you very much for your feedback, more content will be coming soon.

  • Ali 2 months ago

    I so love this item, especially when the rendering goes so fast, its so easy to maintain and i can put whatever scene i like and have the most beautiful sunsets or nightscape pics with this addon, love it!

    • 3DVision 2 months ago

      Thank you very much for your feedback, there are still plenty of improvements and additions to come.

  • mikimel 3 months ago

    Great addon, Can I use the volumetric clouds on Cycles on the last version?

    • 3DVision 2 months ago

      Thank you for your opinion. Tests are in progress to add the volumetric clouds for cycle and the results are promising, but I still have to do some research to be able to use the clouds directly in the world as for eevee.

  • Bernard 4 months ago

    Je viens d'acheter "Pure Sky" et je le trouve très complet ! Il faut encore que l'étudie pour bien l'exploiter , mais je remercie et encourage le créateur de cet addon enfin que ce dernier puisse évoluer (notamment au niveau de l'optimisation ) !!!

    • 3DVision 4 months ago

      Merci Bernard, l'aventure continue grâce à vos avis encouragent.

  • John 4 months ago

    Merci Franck pour ce Pure Sky.
    Il faut s'habituer aux nombreux parametres mais ça ira ^^

    A quand une aurore boréale ?
    Peut être la neige, la pluie ?

    J'aurais bien aimé pointer sur les heures plutôt qu'une variable. Mais c'est pas dramatique.

    • 3DVision 4 months ago

      Salut John, merci. Oui d'autres éléments seront ajouté progressivement.

  • gaku 4 months ago

    Great environment addon!

    • 3DVision 4 months ago


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