Procedural Textures Pack - Bricks

by Nodes and noodles in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Kick-start your procedural materials

This pack contains:

  • 8 procedural bricks textures
  • a set of custom nodes for building procedural materials
  • a set of example materials (basic, intermediate, and advanced) showing how to use these nodes to build high quality procedural materials

Included example material

Each of the 8 procedural bricks textures produces a different layout of bricks and mortar and is customisable, some featuring different modes and types. The rounded edges of the bricks and the mortar profile and border can all be controlled to get just the look you want.

Mortar variations

The nodes generate a heightmap for use with Bump or Displacement, a unique random color value and UV map for each brick for texturing or further procedurals, and a set of masks:

  • Mask - isolates the bricks from the mortar
  • Header Mask - isolates certain bricks pertinent to the layout
  • U Edge Mask - isolates the vertical edges of the bricks
  • V Edge Mask - isolates the horizontal edges of the bricks

Edge Masks creating wear and damage along the edges of the bricks

Simple In - Advanced Out

These procedural textures produce advanced results from simple inputs. They can use Object coordinates, UV maps, Generated coordinates, or any type of gradients. Size values are in world units for absolute control.

Note that the texture does not take a Vector input, but two separate axes named U and V. In the example material above, we use the X and Z axes of the Object Texture Coordinates.

The 8 Types

Each texture gives you a different layout of bricks with several options for customisation. Here are the 8 types and their variations:

  • Standard Bricks
  • English/English Cross
  • Double English Cross
  • Multi-bond
  • Multi-course
  • Herringbone
  • Basket Weave
  • Hexagonal

Highly Optimized Custom Nodes

This pack comes with a free additional pack of custom utility nodes to help you build your procedural materials:

  • Depth Blend - mixes two values by returning the lower of the two
  • Value Mix - mixes two values like a Color Mix
  • Value Ramp - remaps two values to a custom range, similar to a Color Ramp
  • Grad Dist - an optimized circular gradient
  • Grad Rad - a radial gradient
  • UV Rotation - rotates two axes
  • Vector + Color - transforms a color into a vector and adds it to an input vector

Special Thanks

For a straight-out-of-the-box render, this pack includes a free CC0 HDRi background image texture generously provided by HDRi Haven.

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