Blender 2.79 3d Printing

by Yojigraphics in Training

All source files are included into zip folders.  This training is 11 hours long.


Chapter 1 Modeling The figurine

1.1-Adding reference image

1.2-modeling  the head part 1

1.3-modeling  the head part 2

1.4-modeling  the torso

1.5-modeling  the legs

1.6-modeling  the arms

1.7-modeling  accessories

1.8-Uv mapping


1.10-Texture paint the character

1.11-Texture paint the accessories

1.12-Creation of armature and rigging

1.13-Posing the character

1.14-Baking Textures

Chapter 2 Preparing Mesh for 3D Printing

2.1-Activating specific tools and settings units

2.2-Errors to Avoid for 3D Printing 

2.3-Detection and suppression of non-manifold geometries

2.4-Detection and removal of separate geometries

2.5-Thickness management

2.6-Overhangs detection and supports creation

2.7-Sharp edges and distorted faces detection

2.8-hollow a model to gain printing cost

Chapter 3 School cases and exercices

3.1-3D Scan cleaning and texturing

3.2-Modeling a technical part from a blueprint

3.3-Modeling a ring for metal production

3.4-Cutting an object for assembly

Chapter 4 Export mesh for 3d printing

4.1-Export for monochrome printing

4.2-Export for color printing

Chapter 5 Upload files to order online

5.1-Upload 3d models on Sculpteo

5.2-Upload 3d models on Shapeways

5.3-Upload 3d models on I-materialize

5.4-Upload 3d models on 3d hub


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