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new v1.1.1 (feb. 2023) : The last nodes of the archimedean solids

Two new nodes completing the series of archimedean solids have been implemented. These are the truncatedicosidodecahedron and the rhombicosidodecaheron.

new v1.1 (nov. 2022) : The archimedean solids

11 new nodes corresponding to the archimedean polyhedra have been added. Those allow to draw quickly the archimedean solids (except one which is still under preparation! :) ) in a same way as previous nodes. for the update, just replace the v1.0 file with the v1.1 file

The new nodes are :

truncated tetrahedron

truncated cube


snub-cube (2 chiral shapes)

truncated octahedron
truncated cuboctahedron
truncated dodecahedron
truncated icosahedron

all these new nodes have the same structure as the nodes of the first version, thus multiplying the rendering possibilities ; eg.

v1.0 : Coordination geometry

Polyhedrais a procedural Geometry Node Addon for creating mostcoordination polyhedra. This is not only for professionals orstudents of condensed matter but also for those who appreciate thebeauty of symmetry! This addon allows also to create scifi objects


there are currently13 different geometry nodes (more in the further update)corresponding to the most common coordinations:

Thesedifferent nodes allow to build in a fast and modular way the mostcommon coordination polyhedra. To use them, just drag and drop intothe “geometry node” window

Descriptionof the parameters:

All nodes have the same structure. The example below is anillustration on the octahedron. The node is divided into severalparts, a part concerning the central atom, a part concerning theligands, a part on the polyhedral and finally a part on a "wireframe"mode

scale :scale value on the final object

###central atom part

Radius :radius of the central atom

Material: material of the central atom

Hide(checkbox) : possibility to hide the atom

Switch withObj : Possibility to have any object instead of a sphere

(see. below)


Radius :radius of the ligand atoms

Material: material of the ligands

Hide(checkbox) : possibility to hide the atoms

Switch withObj : Possibility to have any object instead of a sphere

(see below)


Link radius: radius of the bond between the central atom and the ligands

Link material: material of the bonds

Hide Link: possibility to hide the bonds

length offset: change the length of the bonds with coupled atoms

length change: change the length of the bonds with uncoupled atoms

Binary modecolor (checkbox) : for the chemistry representation

Fill Caps(checkbox) : if ligands are hidden, itallows to fill the link


Material: material of the polyedra

Hide(checkbox) : possibility to hide the polyedra


wireframe(checkbox) : show or not the polyedra in wireframe mode

Published 8 months ago
Blender Version 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License Royalty Free
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