Pistonpusher 3.1.1

by Alexander Schellekens in Scripts and Addons

latest stable blender version(2.93+)/(3.0)


What is pistonpusher

Pistonpusher is an add-on that can quickly rig pistons/actuators in a special way. There are also features that help placing them. These pistons are special in the sense that they are far more flexible than pistons made with bare minimum solutions.


  • Pistons can easily be made longer and shorter. In both retracted/extended states. This behavior is disabled with a single click.
  • Pistons can exist out of any number of objects.
  • Individual elements can rotate freely, think of the rod, mounts and cylinder themselves.
  • (inverted) telescopic pistons are supported.
  • Pistons are easily removed from a scene.
  • Easy to place and connect to a model/armature. There a multiple snap tools!
  • Custom object and collection management system to keep order among all these objects.(No duplicate names if you took the time to name objects)
  • Instances of a type are derived from the first instance that was placed meaning you can edit multiple pistons in a target scene easily.
  • Materials can be added beforehand.
  • Very flexible.


This add-on aims to prevent some repetitive tasks and makes sure no time is wasted!

For who?

There's potential for concept artists but also animators. They animate well, joints can be included. Pistonpusher does most of the leg-work and offers a solid way to re-use your pistons.

What can it not do?

Pistonpusher is really a dedicated solution for pistons. It's not a complete rig kit.

You can download a free piston here to try the concept out!

What's in the box:

  • Pistonpusher.
  • 30 pistons of various styles and complexity.
  • 45+parts to help you create pistons.
  • A K-pack that contains 30+ bolts/nuts/screw caps and most pistons as an insert.
  • The nuts and bolts decal pack (60 decals, made with and for Decal Machine, based on the bolts and nuts from the k-pack, see its store page for images) - updated for 3.0 on 4-12-2021
  • Examples to help you get started! The excavator, mech leg and anime styled mech shown are included.

Much thanks goes out to MasterXeon1001 who has been a day one supporter and allowed me to add some of his work.

Other features:

                          • Creation systems
                          • Piston snap tool and modal
                          • The ability to stop a piston from stretching infinitely long.
                          • Easily remove pistons from a scene.
                          • Custom Snap selected to active.
                          • Set bone as parent tool.
                          • Set child-of tool. 
                          • Create linked duplicate array.
                          • Multi-place.
                          • Track to and apply.
                          • Reset hooks.
                          • Toggle viewport visibility of all subd modifiers.
                          • Overlays.
                          • Asset/Collection management.


                          Pistons bought elsewhere:

                          You can load the custom mode and copy/append the piston and make it compatible, you may need to use additional empties and/or seperate the mesh into at least 2 parts, the cylinder and the piston rod. (Use empties and designate those as mounts in this case.) If you need help, feel free to contact me!

                          Other add-ons:

                          There should be few to no limitations when it comes to other add-ons. I use quite a few myself. Like Hard Ops, Decal Machine, Kit Ops and more. The custom creation mode is very flexible! 


                          - user feedback!

                          - general improvements.


                          For issues, questions or suggestions, contact me at: [email protected] or message me on blenderartist. Link to blenderartists forum post at top of page.

                          Operating system and/or requirements:

                          Pistonpusher only relies on python. Its a safe bet that it'll work on most modern operating systems.  Add-on has been tested on linux. Developed on windows. MacOS is currently still untested.


                          All code falls under the GPL license. Any assets provided by PistonPusher, with the only exception being the free piston, fall under a standard-royalty-free license.

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                          Dev Fund Contributor
                          Published 6 months ago
                          Software Version 2.93, 3.0
                          License GPL
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